From “We’re Pregnant” to Holding Eliza and Miles | Ep. 4

From “We’re Pregnant” to Holding Eliza and Miles | Ep. 4

Hey y’all! Thanks for dropping by for episode 4! We’ve made it through our first month together – crazy! Each pregnancy and birth story is different and ours were no exceptions to that rule. In this episode, we tell you how we each found out we were pregnant. We also share how the night/day of our birth stories went – but don’t worry: no scary, gross details.

If you’re listening the week this goes live, Happy Holy Week! We sure hope you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior as we cherish what this week represents for our lives and for what we believe. For us, as Christians, this week embodies everything we believe: that Christ came, fulfilled all things, died in our place, and rose to conquer sin and death forevermore! Please know you are cared for and loved. We pray for each one of you.

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