Ukraine 2013

My joy is boundless.

Hello everyone! 

I am back in Ohio after a week of relaxation over spring break in the glorious south.  It’s good to remember that the sun does still exist and its warmth is just as a phenomenal as I once remembered! Last week was a wonderfully relaxing change from my usual crazy weeks of 20 hours of class and 20 hours of work with an internship and homework on top of that.  I literally spent last week doing mostly nothing and it was fabulous!  I was able to see a lot of friends in Macon and catch up with just about everyone that I wanted to or surprisingly ran into!  It was a great week for sure.  I ended my week in Chattanooga visiting some friends as I made my way back up to the frigid north of Ohio. As I sit with papers and books covering the kitchen table around me, I realize now that it would have benefitted me to work on my homework just a bit.. 
Here’s a taste of how the south goes sledding! 🙂




Now I am back to the reality of cloudy/cold Ohio along with work and school.  I definitely missed my kiddos from the daycare and received a wonderfully warm welcome back from them this afternoon.  They were disappointed I wasn’t able to go to Disney last week and take pictures with the characters like I promised before I left (dad ended up being sick and our trip was cancelled), but they were otherwise excited for my return and we had a ton to catch up on: like the fact that Jayden played with lots of cars last week and Zane got a new blanket and Mikey simply missed me and told me I wasn’t allowed to miss “school” like that again.  Hopefully their three and four year old hearts will survive my absence this summer as I minister in Ukraine.


Speaking of my trip to Ukraine I am excited to let you know that I am officially fully funded!!  I am currently communicating with my trip advisor to see when my plane ticket will be officially purchased so that I can have definite dates for when I’m leaving the States and when I will be returning to the States.  Exciting!! 

I have missed two Sundays and a Wednesday from my internship because of Spring Break.  I am excited to see the kids Wednesday night and get dominated by them in 4-square a bit more.  I wasn’t able to speak on my Sunday during the month of February, so Jessey wanted me to definitely get March’s in since I only have one more month left in my internship.  Because of my Spring Break taking away two Sundays, it just so happens that I will be speaking THIS upcoming Sunday.  Palm Sunday.  I am super nervous considering the importance of the message Palm Sunday holds and my lack of confidence in speaking.  Please be praying that I am able to properly prepare and that I don’t ruin one of the most important messages the kids will hear in the year!!  
Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers!!
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