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I thought we came from monkeys..

It’s my daddy’s birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

Wow, it has been longer than I thought since I updated.. Oops! I’m not sure how much I’ll have time for  this at the moment, but I am going to do my best to hit the high spots.

Last Wednesday, the team of 7 ladies from America arrived. It has been neat having them here and having a full and busy house. They are doing a VBS in a neighboring region this week so be praying over that ministry. From what I can tell it has already been a fruitful time with the kids there.

We had a 4th of July party at our Kid’s Club last Thursday – lots of games and extra snacks and no boring class time or English to sit through (what they were really thankful for..ha). It was a lot of fun and they were definitely full of energy with the extra Americans there and sugar from their snacks.


playing a fun form of rock, paper, scissors




In the Kid’s Club, we just recently ended a series on Creation. Here’s a fun story and a little snippet of my time here:

I thought we came from Monkeys! Like, there were monkeys and then apes and then people..

This is the response I got from Archom as I told the story of creation day 6. This is only a few days after our discussion of creation day 1 – when God created earth – and he tried to justify both sides with: “God must have created a big explosion and that’s how he created the earth..”Archom is one of the kids that doesn’t miss our kid’s club on Tuesday and Thursdays. He spent about 10 months in the States with his family as his parents were studying in New Hampshire – needless to say, his english is phenomenal. So as I tell the story, he already has his hand raised to answer or ask a question as Igor is translating for the rest of the crew!  It’s been an incredible time getting to know each of the kids that come to our club and teaching them about the word of God and how he created the world and each of them and made them special. 


crafts all set up and ready


part of their English game – they had to grab a finger puppet and place it with the correct actions




Igor and his daughter, Jessica 🙂 Igor is the one that helps run the building we are in and translate for us


Jessica and myself – she secretly loves me.. I know it.


making their animal crafts


Archom cutting out his Elephant ears




Daniel is crazy awesome as Foosball! 
beautiful paiting


isn’t this awesome? 
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