Ukraine 2013

I left on a multiple jet planes.. I am in Ukraine!

I am in Ukraine. Sometimes I just have to tell myself because it´s just hard to believe that it has actually/finally happened. So crazy. Many parts of it are exactly what I expected and others are nothing of what I expected, but either way I am here and it is good.

Traveling here was an experience in and of itself. My first flight took me from Atlanta to Washington DC where I just had to hang out for 5+ hours on my layover. When I first arrived my next flight wasn’t even on the screens becuase the layover was so long. It was alright since I could still use my phone and the airport had free wifi so I was able to use my ipad and stuff.  I split up my time with eating lunch and walking around and exploring the airport in its entirety. Called mom and dad one last time and then boarded my flight for Germany. This was an 8 hour and 45 minute stinking long. I had a windown seat which I was thankful for because I could situate myself where I’m comfortably leaning on the wall of the plane and relax a bit. They served us dinner (which I picked at because well, it was kind of gross) and then hit the lights in the plane and attempted to make it easier for everyone to sleep. It did not help me sleep. We had screens in front of us with options to watch different movies and tv shows and play different games, so I switched between doing that throughout the duration of my flight. I got up once just to stretch my cramped legs and use the bathroom and otherwise sat in that love seat. We landed in Germany at 8:15 (their time) but my body thought it was 2:15 in the morning. So by this time I am finally very tired! My next flight (again) wasn’t on the screens yet and I must have looked very convused because a man that worked at the airport stopped as he was walking by to ask if he could help me (I was just happy he spoke English!) He helped me know I should at that level of the airport and just to wait, they should be up on the screens within the next hour. I had passed this awesome “lounge” area walking to this part so I backtracked and saw that it was indeed a place specifically made for people with layovers to hang out in a quiet area and sleep. There were chairs that reclined in a way so as to help you sleep and it was carpeted and had trees and rocks to set the “sleeping” mood I guess. I definitely went in there and took and nap (and also pictures)!
There was also an area to plug your laptops in and do some work.
This is the scenery separating the two halves (you can kind of see the “reclining chairs” through the scenery 🙂 
This is the lovely chair that housed me for my nap!
You could pay for these things and actually have complete privacy with a bed and a place to charge your electronics if you wanted to.


So that’s what I saw of Germany! haha. It was a nice nap and I woke up in time to get to my gate and be bored for a bit before heading to my next plane. We went down the terminal deal to a bus and they bussed us out to the plane which was interesting, but alas we boarded and I was still exhausted so I slept most of the way to Ukraine from Germany completely missing the time they passed out drinks and snacks. Waking up hungry and thirsty and no one speaking English around you is not my favorite thing! haha. I was able to get some cool pictures of the area before we landed.


After going through passport control (with no trouble except that I was the absolute last one in line so that was a little intimidating) I grabbed my suitcase (it had just come onto the baggage claim) and headed through the doors to meet Shushan nad our driver. We had a 3ish hour drive back to Berdyansk and chatted about country and the summer ahead and I napped a bit and then we just seemed to be “home”. That night we ate supper and I unpacked and absolutely passed out. I was exhausted! 
God is good and faithful. I was perfectly safe the entire time I traveled and He sent the right people at just the right times to answer questions I had and allow me to receive rest when able and needed. He has been faithful to sustain me in this week of being in Ukraine and I will update soon on all that has been happening since my arrive, and all the ways He has loved and accompanied me. 
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