Ukraine 2013

I am counting on God!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a good week and staying safe with the crazy weather all over the country. I know back home in Georgia there were threats of tornados and then potential snow/ice for certain parts of the state.  Here in Ohio this week (typical), we had a warm sunny day, then it was warm-turned stormy-then started sleeting-then back to just rain, and the next day we got snow and have continued to get more and more snow!  Always an adventure here.  Just wanted to shoot you guys a quick update on how things are going!

Last Sunday was the day I spoke to the kids!  Let’s just say it went…. ha.  I spoke on Genesis 11:1-9 about how God had given them all these cool talents and abilities and how they used those to gain their own praise instead of glorifying God with those gifts.  I included a few games to keep the kids engaged and fumbled my way through transitions.  It’s a challenging task to entertain kids for 20 minutes straight when their age ranges from kindergarten through sixth grade.  It’s so much more complicated than just speaking to a group of high school kids or adults.  When speaking to these older groups, you can simply throw out a concept and they can all grasp it on basically the same level.  Not so with children, no no.  They vary so much developmentally that it’s nearly impossibly to genuinely engage them all in every aspect of your talk.  It was definitely a good learning and growing experience for me!  I had a super good chat with Jessey (the children’s pastor I’m under) afterward about flow of talks and how to improve for next time.  We also had a neat chat Wednesday night about how to focus talks when speaking to a large group of kids like that and which age group to speak toward so as to best engage everyone. He had some very good insight and failed through his own beginnings so I left encouraged at least!  I absolutely feel blessed to be learning from someone that understands and genuinely cares about me leaving this internship better prepared for my future!

I’m getting more and more excited about my trip to Ukraine!  I am continually in contact with my trip “advisor” about different details leading up to my May departure.  The orientation dates are set by WGM for everyone leaving to go on any mission trip over the summer.  World Gospel Mission’s headquarters is in Indiana and only about 3 hours away from where I am in Ohio.  Those dates for orientation fall the Monday following my finals week of school this semester, so it seems God is working everything out just perfectly for me.  I won’t have to drive 11 hours back to Georgia and then another 13 back to Indiana for the orientation, I can just go straight there and then come home!  It looks like I will end up being home for a little over a week before heading out to Ukraine – we’ll know for sure when the plane tickets are bought!  That can happen when I reach 50% of my budget and guys, I’m already at $925 as of yesterday with a few more checks in the mail this week that I’m currently aware of.  God is so good.  I’m at 20% at the moment which is incredible to me.  Plenty more to go, but I know that God will provide in His time and His way.

This upcoming Sunday is “Friends and Family” Sunday at church, which means everyone (kids and adults alike) are in “big church”.  I’m excited because it’ll actually be my first Sunday seeing what their adult service is like – the kids are in kid’s church the entire service here.  I’m also a little nervous because Pastor Morgan (the senior pastor) is going to introduce me to the church – yikes! Guys, I really just like to stay in the background of things!  The kids will be doing a song they’ve been working on learning each week and I’m pumped to see how that goes.. I’m going to leave you with some of the lyrics because I just love how simple kids make the gospel.

Joy unspeakable that won’t go away
And just enough strength to live for today
So I’ll never have to worry what tomorrow will bring
‘Cause my faith is on solid rock
and I am counting on God!

Thanks so much for your support!!

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