Ukraine 2013

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here

Good afternoon! I hope things are going well for you in whatever facet of life you are in and however your day is going.  It’s incredible to me to know that we don’t have a Savior unable to sympathize with our weaknesses and there is mercy every morning and to the burdened there is rest! I just wanted to shoot you guys a semi-somewhat-quick update you with all that has gone on and is going on – because there is definitely plenty going on!  
School is absolutely keeping me busy and sleep is like a best friend that I used to have and that I miss terribly – but such is life!  I have finally gotten into somewhat of a routine with my classes and homework and studying and work and my internship.  Although that routine usually involves me staying up into the morning and catching up on sleep when Saturday comes, it is working for so far.  My internship is getting better and better each week!  The kids and I are getting to know each other and enjoying talking about Jesus and playing 4-square each week together.  I feel so much more comfortable there now that the kids know me and my heart and I have earned/gained their respect a bit.  It’s funny how much that helps when working with kids – they just want to see that you’re genuine and true to your word.  But isn’t that what we all want?  Things are the same with my job at the daycare.  My relationship with my 4 year olds there only gets better and better each day.  We even got to go outside this week!!



Now it has been almost a month since I have updated you guys and a lot has gone in preparation for my trip!  According to my last update I was at $925 or 20% of my trip was funded.  Well if you follow me on facebook you probably saw that I had been blessed by someone who is willing to match the money I can raise in the next month up to $1500!  So incredible!  Well I announced that and after a few messages and phone calls and emails to a few different people wanting to give, it looks like we will meet the $1500 mark and I will be fully funded.  My mind is absolutely blown!! It is crazy – I knew that I was going to Ukraine this summer, but the reality of it is setting in.  I am so very excited about my upcoming summer and all that God has in store.  I have been emailing the missionary I will be working with (Shushan Richardson is her name if you’d like to include her in your prayers!) and she is supposed to be emailing me this week with more specifics on what I will be doing during my time in Ukraine.  Last week they were supposed to have a board meeting of sorts with the other leaders of the ministries there to discuss what the summer would look like, so she said she would update me with that information this week! 
Two weeks ago I watched Francis Chan’s sermon from Passion 2013.  It was one of the most powerful moments at Passion for me this year and it was amazing to me again this last week as I re-watched it and God showed me different truths through it.  I’m watching it again now as I type this and again God is teaching me so much through that message.  I’m going to attach it because I believe that if it has challenged me this much, it has to mean something to someone else as well.  If you have a spare 50 minutes somewhere I dare you to watch it! 


There’s so much I could include in this update – again, so much has been going on!  My Psalms class especially has been wrecking me.  Part of our homework each week to just meditate on a particular Psalm or a few verses and allow God to work in our lives through that.  We’re supposed to journal on it and this has been some of the most rewarding times in my week.  Spending that extra alone time with the Lord and working things out with Him.  To be able to be real with God and talk to Him about things I’m struggling with and that I don’t understand and allow Him to show me His character has been incredible.  
Thanks so much for being a part of this journey allowing the Lord to prove that He can and will do Immeasurably More in and through me this summer as you are obedient to His call to give and I am obedient to His call to go! 
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