Ukraine 2013

At the cross of Christ I know.

Hey there!  Thank you for caring about the journey as I prepare to head off to Ukraine this summer.  Thank you for believing that the Lord is able to do immeasurably more through me and that He will be faithful to prove that as we continue to inch our way toward May.  

Things are super busy here in Ohio.  I am taking 20 hours at school and working about 18 hours a week at the daycare that is held in the church I am doing my internship at!  The kids are awesome both at the daycare and in the church’s children’s ministry.  Everyone has been overwhelmingly accepting of me and my busy schedule.  
I’m anxiously-nervously-excited to tell you that I am speaking my first “sermon” to the kids at the church the last Sunday of this month, January 27th.  Although this is a stretcher for me, I’d much rather talk in front of teens or adults, I know the Lord is teaching me so much through this experience and preparing me for much greater things in my future.  I’d love it if you guys covered me in prayer as I figure out what to say to these little ones and exactly HOW to say it.  
God has already proven so faithful to provide finances for my trip.  I have been fundraising for just under two weeks now and already have over $500 with some other unknown amounts (unknown to me at the moment) that have been sent directly to World Gospel Mission.  I am excited to see how he provides the rest.
Again, thank you all for caring about the journey I am privileged to get to walk on with The Lord. 
My God, OUR God is a revolutionary! Let’s watch as He leads, guides, and provides for His plan. 
The ending of one of my favorite poems (found here):
Suffering servant,
give your children eyes to see
the wonders that you have for them,
and ears to hear the direction for their
wandering, wandering feet.
Grieve with me! (Will you grieve with me?)
Oh at the cross, the promise we receive:“I will grieve with you with groanings too deep for words,
I will sympathize with the temptation to believe the lies that you have heard,
I will mourn over the loss of finite family and friends,
and I will defeat death so that you will know that death is not the end.”So at the cross of Christ I know
that the bonds of sin are broken,
that they bar the gates of hell for me and heaven’s doors are open
as wide as my sweet Savior’s arms were stretched out when he died,
and that love has defeated death with a life for me to hope in.

At the cross of Christ I know
that despair has been removed,
that it drowns beneath the crushing weight of hope as found in you.
As blood flows and puddles to cover every self-inflicted bruise,
murder becomes salvation, the resurrected truth.

At the cross of Christ I know
that anger has found its vengeance,
that righteousness became sin for me and that only at the remembrance
of a man acquainted with sorrows do I stand forgiven of my resentment,
as wrath and justice turn aside to crucify my defendant.

At the cross of Christ I know
that shame has lost it’s place,
that Jesus Christ endured the curse and scorned all the disgrace,
and atoned before the throne as death fled without a trace,
that I might enter in and look full on his wonderful face.

At the cross of Christ I know.

With Grace,
– Lauren
“But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.” – Acts 20:24

P.S. As always, comment or email me with any questions you may have about my trip to Ukraine or my life in general 🙂 You can also donate to my trip through the DONATE link along the ride side of the screen! 
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