Ukraine 2013

He loves us and will never forsake us.

I come to you guys today with a quick update, but also with a special prayer need: Yesterday a small group of my friends here at school went to a pretty major park that is about 45 minutes from campus for a fun day of canoeing and hiking and just spending time together.  In the early afternoon while hiking along the trails one of the guys fell about 40 ft and passed away.  Our campus as a whole is taking it extremely hard – OCU is a small campus and most everyone knew Josias at least in some fashion.  Please pray for the student body in their healing and the administration, staff, and faculty as they navigate this tragedy through their personal lives and as leaders at OCU.  Please also pray for his family through the loss of their son/brother.  We are all comforted in the assurance of his deep relationship with his Savior and the fact that no matter what our God is good and He remains faithful.

Some things that Josias wrote in the last few weeks on facebook:
“Throughout life, no matter what happens, one thing that never changes and we can always stand on is the fact that God is good. He loves us and will never forsake us.” 
“O, death, where is your victory? O, death, where is your sting? The King has risen and is alive forevermore!!! He has paid the price for sin and has taken on the wrath of God. And now He is risen!!! Praise the Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus Christ is alive!!!”
“I’m so sick of the devil and when people let him walk all over them. Stand up!!!! If God is for you, who can be against you!!! Call on the name of the LORD and walk in freedom and peace!!! God is omnipotent!!! And He is ready and willing to war on your behalf!!! So stand up!!! Instead of letting the devil walk all over you, beat him down and claim your victory in Christ!!!!!”
The end of the semester is less than a week away and that alone is quite intimidating! Although I have finished most of my large projects and papers (including an 18 page exegetical paper on 1 Timothy chapter 2) I still have 2 papers and 2 take-home finals between myself and the freedom of the ACTUAL end of the semester.
I had my last official Sunday with the LGLP kids this morning.  It was definitely bittersweet!  I was supposed to speak but with everything that happened yesterday and my lack of sleep last night, I didn’t think I would emotionally be able to make it through so I deferred to Jessey and he graciously understood. Otherwise it was a good and uplifting morning with the kiddos singing and dancing and being once again that my Savior is full of Love and Goodness, He is the best and I am nothing without Him, and his faithfulness remains throughout anything.  Also, we ate doughnut cake and had a “going away” party for me 🙂  Although I will get to be with those who come on Wednesday and then I will still be there next Sunday (in the adult service though) it is hitting me that I will be leaving and although I will miss them terribly and anxiously await my return in August, I am getting excited about my summer ahead.  
Next Monday, simply 8 days away, I will be heading over to Marion, Indiana to WGM’s headquarters to participation in orientation for my trip to Ukraine.  CRAZY.  That means in exactly 3 weeks from today I will be on my first flight in route to leaving the United States!  I am so excited and have been busy preparing as best I can.  With the finances I was blessed with, I have been able to get some things that Shushan (the missionary) wants me to bring and some other items that will help my ministry and myself in Ukraine for my 12 week summer there!  
On May 10th I will get to drive home to Georgia to spend a little over a week at home before flying out on Sunday the 19th!  I can’t wait to see as many people as I can during that time and at church on the 12th (happy mother’s day, mama!). 
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