This is a side project that stemmed from wanting to do more and waste less. I want to do more writing and reflecting while doing less watching and wasting away. I want to chronicle my life as a mother rather than just survive it (which I am also doing). I want to keep tabs on ideas and happenings in my ministry rather than have a one-and-done attitude with it.


Enter smallsld.me! You can go to the “about me” page to learn more about who I am, but really this entire site will give you glimpses into that! I have two specific pages: The Blog, all about figuring life out as a mom and minister of the gospel and The Podcast, a project with my best friend where we release a new episode every week on a variety of different topics!  I hope and pray these pages and words find you well!

– Smalls




I am convinced that the love of God is as boundless as the seas. Were they to overflow into the expanses of all of creation’s boundaries. Were the water to rush like waves. Were we the innumerable grains of sand carried in its storm toward a timelessness held in a sovereign hand.. Eternity would be the first to sing that it was not enough and it would spill forth into another in an effort to contain such a love.

I am convinced that the grace of God is as incomprehensible as the space that the seas of love would spill into as they pour forth and cover all my shame. Should all of eternity be swayed. Were we the innumerable stars in the sky swept away into a righteousness clearly seen by redeeming eyes.. Eternity would be the first to sing that it was out of place for it to be supposed that it should be sufficient to contain such a grace.

I am convinced that the joy of God is as insurmountable as the heights of which the oceans of love and grace are subject to spill over into life. Were all of hell to bear its swords. Were we the innumerable elect led into war behind a white horse, a king who defeated sin and death.. Eternity would be the first to sing that it could not employ a volume or song sufficient enough to describe such a joy.


Although these words are not my own, they resonate with me. Thank you, Levi the Poet.